Saturday, September 26, 2009

Day two of our NZ campaign

We started with a walk along the sea front:

We found a play park, a restaurant that used to be a boat, and a swimming pool. We wandered further into the city.

Lunchtime, so we selected a cafe based solely on what was on all the tables:

Turned out to be yummy.

We accidentally found the cable car and so took a ride to the top:

Great views, botanical gardens, bit of a stroll, cup of tea, job done. Back down, bit more of a wander. Found the civic centre where Wendy squeezed some giant kiwi balls:

We wandered around the museum for a bit, but by then everyone was knackered so we headed home. Up the cable car:

Had a cup of tea while Wendy slipped into a coma and the kids watched Cartoon Network. Then a trip back to town for a curry at Massala on Allen St (very tasty), where they also serve this:

Very light, refreshing, almost a sweet taste.

Returned home, failed miserably at getting in touch with a friend, although we did find out that text messages sent from Australian phones can take a couple of hours to get anywhere here.

Plan for today: meet friend.

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