Thursday, June 09, 2005

Wedding Poster

Wedding Poster
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It's our first wedding anniversary this weekend, and I finally came up with a gift idea yesterday.

The first year's gift is supposed to be paper, and at first I thought of a book from Amazon. But that didn't really seem right, even to a man of limited romantic sensibilities like me. Then I remembered reading about this guy making a poster out of pictures from iPhoto. A quick google later and I was convinced. It's a nice way of making sure the wedding pictures don't stay in an album on a shelf, or tucked away on the computer never to be viewed.

The only problem was getting it printed. There are a couple of photo shops nearby that will print photos from CDs or memory sticks, but the largest they do is 15" by 10". I wanted to go for the big one: 30" by 20". More googling came up with photobox who seem quite good, and will do the big sizes. They'll even print it out on canvas stretched over a frame, but that was outside my budget.

I'll be lucky if it turns up before Sunday though, so it looks like my wife will be confused by the gift of an empty frame.

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