Monday, September 07, 2009

Let me bore you with news of ribs, headphones and blisters

This morning was the first time I'd been brave enough to go running since breaking my rib at karate. It's still sore, but I can move around and breathe normally now, unlike the first few days of last week. Sneezing and coughing still hold the prospect of an accidental sucking chest wound.

 This was also the first time I've used the headphones that came with my iPhone. My trusty apple in-ear ones finally gave up after over three years of being stuffed in my waxy canals and have been given a decent burial in the bin. Rather than shell out for a new set (they seem to have doubled in price since I bought mine), I gave the free ones a try. I was a little wary; the headphones that came with my iPod nano were useless and uncomfortable, and prompted the in-ear purchase.

 Apple seems to have improved their headphones since then. These are no longer uncomfortable, and stayed in for the whole of my run. The sound is ok, but doesn't cope very well when there's a lot of background noise (on the bus, the train, all the places I listen to music) which is where the in-ear ones really shone. They'll do until I can afford something a bit fancier, and I do quite like the little microphone button thing for switching tracks.

 Running is slowly getting rid of my muffin top, and my post-exercise old man cough is a thing of the past, but I didn't expect to lose weight off my feet. For the last few runs I've ended up with a blister on the instep of my right foot, and today I got one to match on my left. I'm hoping I just need to adjust the lacing, rather than have to buy a new pair of trainers. Unless I really did have fat feet when I bought them.

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