Friday, September 25, 2009

Day one of NZ subjugation

We got up at 4am, a time which is in fact illegal, and rightly so. Sleepy kids, suitcases and sleepy parents were crammed into the car and off we went to the airport.

The flight was on time, mostly uneventful, apart from the landing which turned the rest of the family grey. I am made of sterner stuff, and have selfishly not passed on those genes to my kids.

We flew with Air New Zealand, so we got to watch some telly. I watched Slumdog Millionaire, which turned out to be awesome, and two episodes of Big Bang Theory, which also turned out to be awesome. My lovely wife could be seen singing along to High School Musical 3, indulging her pervy Zac Efron fetish.

We picked up the hire car from Apex, the only hire firm which will let you take a car on the interisland ferry - the others all make you swap cars and heft your luggage onto the ferry. The guys there were quite friendly, and operated out of a little house just next to the airport - it felt a little like we were borrowing somebody's brother's second car. In a good way.

Ten minutes of driving on the mean streets of Wellington, through the pouring rain, got us to our house. It's up on a hill overlooking Wellington, and has its own cable car for access. A great place to stay, and the kids love the cable car, but this is my favourite part:

Lego Batman fridge magnets! FT, and indeed, W!

This is the view from the living room, now that the rain has stopped:

We didn't do much after settling in. Bought some food, ate, had a spa bath (no water restrictions!), drank some wine, went to bed.

Today's plan is to explore Wellington, maybe visit the museum. We'll also buy some more jumpers, this place is freezing.

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