Thursday, April 16, 2009

Too much information

As of this morning, Google Reader tells me I have 947 unread articles to view. Of these, a third are from the BBC news website telling me things about politicians I no longer recognise, celebrities I've never heard of, and sporting events in which I have no interest. Over a hundred each are from TechCrunch (companies I've never heard of going bust while trying to do things I don't understand), Wired (ditto), io9 (providing me with spoilers for programmes I'll never watch and the plots of films I'll never get around to watching), and SciFi Wire (ditto).

My twitter feed tells me all about the mundane lives of Graham Linehan, Stephen Fry, Jonathan Ross, Lily Allen and other people I don't know, doing things I'm not really that interested in.

Let's not get started on Facebook.

Time for a cull. Blogs down to a minimum, twitter down to people I have communicated with in some form.

1 comment:

  1. I've had "1000+" on my google reader for years. In fact, I have "1000+" on about three or four of my individual feeds, ffs. It's normal. I think.