Friday, November 21, 2008

Running: Trailguru

I downloaded a great little app for my iPhone: Trailguru. It uses the GPS thingy to map your run, and you can post it to their site, where it will make a map for you:

It also generates a load of statistics: how long you ran for, average speed, pace, etc.

Very cool. The site is also a lot easier to use than MapMyRun, which I found really confusing. I tried to delete my mapmyrun account this morning, and it took ages to find the tiny little link. Clicking that link just popped up a javscript alert that said "Click on contact us page to request a removal of your account". Request a removal? Twats.

Anyway. This morning I ran for 16 minutes, a distance of 2.61km at a pace of 6mins/km. I need to work on going a bit faster, I think.


  1. Nice tool...I use it too. Do you know hot to delete posted pictures? i couldn't find a delete button.

  2. I've never tried posting pictures, sorry.

  3. Anonymous31/1/10 09:38

    Try using Runkeeper. I use the freebie version, and I've found it outshines trailguru, mapmyrun/bike/walk/sleep and any others I've tried before.

  4. Thanks, mate - but I've been using runkeeper for about a year now. This post is quite old. Much prefer runkeeper, it is awesome. I even paid for the pro version.