Thursday, November 13, 2008

iPhone WPA Wi-Fi Problem

My iPhone refused to connect to my home wireless network. It is set up to use WPA, and my Mac OS X iBook, a Windows XP laptop and even my old Windows Mobile phone could all join the network happily. Not so my shiny new iPhone. It complained. I eventually tracked this down to my WPA password either being too long (18 characters), or that it had a non-alphanumeric character in it (single quote). I changed it to a 9-letter password (all alphabetic characters), and all is well.


  1. Anonymous23/2/09 15:37

    I have tried everything to get my iPhone to connect to my wireless router at home via WPA!! And I had the same issue, my character length was too long. I reduced it to 9 ( alpha numeric) and it worked!! Thanks so much!!!

  2. How did you change you WPA password on the iphone?

  3. Try some of the suggestions on this page:

    I think I did the "forget this network" option, and then it asks you for the password next time you try to join.