Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Baleful quiddity

"You ok?"
"What's wrong with your face, then?"
"You look pained. Or constipated. Or both."
"If you must know, I'm trying out a new emotion."
"Oh. What is it, exactly?"
"I'm looking at you with baleful quiddity."
"Does that mean 'constipated'?"
"No, it bloody doesn't."
"What does it mean then?"
"It's too complicated to explain to the likes of you. I doubt that emotionally stunted people like you have ever experienced quiddity, either in its baleful form or not. You need to have a certain level of maturity and accumulated life experience to even comprehend the feeling."
"You don't know, do you?"
"No. I read it in a book."
"Good book?"
"'The Etched City' by K.J. Bishop. Haven't finished it yet."
"Any idea what it means?"
"We'll stick to 'constipated' then. 'Ooh, pass the prunes, love. I've got a right baleful quiddity on me and I need loosening up.'"

UPDATE: it has been pointed out to me that it's actually "baneful" not "baleful". I'm a bad blogger, spank me.

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