Thursday, May 24, 2007

Passengers 5

The 7:45 is on the platform already. Suits are bleating their way on board as she walks briskly towards the last carriage. She's bent over to one side slightly, her bag is weighing her down. Her heels clack-clack, her flowery print dress ripples and sways in her wake, her sensible overcoat and cardigan keep her warm.

She finds a seat, near the aisle, not too far away from either set of exits. Her bag clanks a little as she sets it down between her feet. It's the hunting knives. Normally they'd be strapped to the inside of her coat, but she's running late and barely had time to put the sawn-off in the sleeve holster before leaving the house. The knives, the Glock, and the piano wire she scooped off the dining room table into the carpet bag.

Most unprofessional, she thinks, but there's plenty of time to sort it out at the other end before starting work. She also decides to have a muffin and a coffee after the job is done. She gets off at South Yarra.

[Also posted to Ficlets, in the hope that someone can make use of it.]

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Best. Purchase. Ever.

About two weeks ago I managed to pop the little rubber cover off one of my Apple in-ear headphones. It pinged off into the middle of the open railway crossings we have here in Australia, during a collision with one of my more indecisive fellow-pedestrians. These little rubber doobries have to fit your lughole snugly otherwise they sound shithouse.

I tried using the medium sized ones (the headphones come with three different sizes; my giant canals need the large size), but it was no good. I journeyed far and wide in search of replacement whatsits, but no-one makes them. Not even Apple.

In times of crisis I find it helps to turn to a higher power. Google found me an article where someone recommended the use of the foam sleeves for the Shure E2C in-ear headphones. These happen to be a perfect fit for the Apple ones.

Great! Only problem is that there are only two places in Australia that distribute them. One charges $35, with free shipping. The other charges $25, plus $7 shipping. The headphones themselves only cost me $60. Sod that. Ebay to the rescue: there's a company in America that sells them for $16 US (about $20), free shipping to Australia. Hooray for the Internet.

They arrived in less than a week, and they sound fantastic. They really improve the bass, and they're a lot more comfortable than the original rubber thingummies. If, anonymous Internet reader, you have a pair of the Apple in-ear headphones, get these foam sleeves (the same size as you use for the Apple ones should do).