Wednesday, October 19, 2005

We made it.

Do you know what is the scariest thing about moving to another country?
Everything. It's all new, and it's all scary. We've left behind family,
friends, jobs, decent chocolate, and marmite. If you let yourself think
about it for longer than a few seconds, you'd crap yourself. So, you

The people that do think it through carefully and thoroughly are the
ones who say "oh, we thought about doing that for years, but we never
went through with it". The vast majority of people who stay where they
are, and are quite happy about it. We, however, are the sort that would
always wonder "what if...", eventually becoming bitter and twisted,
bringing it up in arguments 30 years later. "Yeah, well, little Johnny
wouldn't even have been in the stolen car with the brazilian midget
prostitutes, the cocaine-snorting donkey and the nuns if we'd moved to
Australia, like I wanted to!"

So, we went for it. Crossed our fingers, closed our eyes and leapt off
the edge of the world and landed on the other side. We've been in
Australia for 5 weeks. So far, so good. The donkey just smokes a little
pot, you know - to relax, and we've kept Little Johnny away from the
red light district. Over the next few posts, I'll impart some useful
information we've gleaned while doing things completely wrong. We make
the mistakes, so you don't have to.

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