Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Tidying up

Looks like Writing Parent is b0rked. I'll remove it from the list of links; it was a bit pants anyway. Their daily writing exercises, which weren't daily, were often along the lines of: "Take a picture, write about it." or "Think about something, then write about it". Grr. What I could do with is a RSS feed which provides different writing ideas every day. So that I could ignore it, and feel guilty.


Hey! I found one. Only it hasn't been updated since August, 2004. Arse biscuits.

*More googling*

Double arse burger with a side order of arse fries and a large arse cola. There's nothing. All the writing prompts/exercises sites are badly designed pieces of shit. And we all know how badly shit can be designed. Looks like I'm going to have to do this myself.

*Sounds of sleeves being rolled up, pencils sharpened, papers smoothed*

Right. Any minute now, I'm going to come up with something. I can feel it.

*Tumbleweed. Somewhere in the distance a bell tolls.*

Aw, horse spit. I've got nothing.

*Kicks over table, drops to knees, rips open shirt. Shakes fist at sky, wailing, "Why me, God? Why me?"*

*Sheepishly gets up, tidies mess.*


I also toyed with adding a blogroll from Bloglines, the news aggregator that I use. It didn't look too good, so I didn't bother.

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